How to Overclock Google Nexus 7 tablet

By | August 27th, 2012

Well if you have had the opportunity to get your hands on the buzzing tablet by Google and you are comfortable with tinkering with your device; then now you can overclock this beast to a massive 2.0GHz frequency which blows it past the competition and pushes the quadrant scores beyond 8000. This shows us how much of a monstrous device ASUS and Google cooked up.

How to Overclock

If you have tinkered with your device and have rooted it along with a Custom recovery mod then you can easily overclock your device to that frequency. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before starting off with the procedure.


  • You have a rooted Nexus 7
  • You have clockwork recovery installed
  • You are aware of the dangers
  • Back up your device
  • You know how to restore it
Note: HardwareInsight takes no responsibility for any bricked device; follow this procedure at your own risk.

So if you fell you are ready to go ahead, now we shall download the required software’s, download the kernel which we will flash to our Nexus 7 which will allow us to overclock. A kernel determines the overall performance on Android devices. The better kernel you have, the better performance and more features you will get for your Android smartphone and tablet like Google Nexus 7. Apart from the kernel you will need an application to perform the actual overclock process, an application like setcpu. The application will give you the controls; while the kernel will permit the cpu to accelerate at the desired frequency.

  • To begin with the process, download the kernel file and put it in the memory of Nexus 7 via USB cable or Bluetooth, which ever you prefer.
  • Boot into custom recovery of the device
  • Do so by using quick boot application, which will give you the ability to boot into CWM directly, otherwise you will have to enter fastboot mode first then connect your device to pc via USB cable and force it into CWM
  • Now that you are in CWM mode (Hopefully) select option to install zip from sd-card
  • Then select “chose zip from sd card”
  • Navigate to the downloaded zip file and select install
  • Then select reboot system now

Now that the kernel is installed, open up the application like setcpu on your device. Hopefully the device is up and running, if not then use the backup you created.

  • On the setcpu application, slide the bar to 2.0GHz frequency, set it.
  • Now use force test or any other test within setcpu application to warm it up

That’s all, your device is now overclocked and running at a 2.0 GHz frequency. We can’t emphasize more on the fact that how important is to back up your device before you perform any software flashing, so follow that practice to assure desired result.

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