How to jailbreak your iPad Absinthe (Windows) [5.1.1]

By | July 26th, 2012

This guide will show you how to Untether Jailbreak the new iPad at 5.1.1 OS. Absinthe works for the latest A5 chips from Apple. Follow this guide carefully to jailbreak your device and always remember to backup. This method also works for first and second generations iPads.

A tip, backup your device, especially camera roll as the jailbreak might cause data loss.

Step One

Download the latest version of Absinthe from Here.

Check the device support from Here.

Step Two

Unzip the downloaded file i.e. Absinthe

Zipped, Absinthe

Open the folder created after unzipping the

after unzipping

Double click the “absinthe.exe”

Step 3

When prompted, connect your device via USB cable, absinthe will recognize your device and “Jailbreak” button will be available

absinthe mainscreen

Note that if absinthe gives you an error “device not recognized” go into settings general, reset, erase all content. After doing this absinthe will recognize your device

Step 4

Press the jailbreak button for the process to begin

Step 5

Let it go through it steps, please be patient here and do not touch or detach the cable, make sure your device is at least 50% charged before going through this procedure.

Jailbreak underway

Step 6

The jailbreak is done now

Jailbreak Complete

In a moment you will notice “Cydia” icon on the home screen, assuring you that the jailbreak was successful.

Cydia appears

Enjoy your newly jail broken device.

if you have any questions or you are stuck anywhere in this process please post in comments. If the post needs to be updated let us know. Stay safe happy jail breaking 

The above procedure works for iPad, iPad2 and the iPad 3