How to increase the lifetime of laptop battery

By | April 26th, 2009

Many users report to have their laptop’s battery dead after 2 years. This is indeed very usual, but the worst part is that, the replacement batteries come very expensive! So the question is can we increase the lifetime of the battery? I’ll mention some tips that can significantly increase the total battery lifetime.

li ion laptop battery How to increase the lifetime of laptop battery

  • Try not to run laptop on battery when you have a Power Switch nearby
  • Fully discharge (use on) battery and then fully charge the battery once a month to keep the battery healthy
  • Never plug in the adapter in the socket while the switch is on, as for most of the laptop, it generates spark. First insert the plug, then turn on the switch
  • Always hibernate instead of Sleep (On sleep the battery is still being consumed)
  • When running on battery, avoid using DVD Drive, Full Brightness and/or other extensive battery eating tasks
  • Use original adapter. If you purchase a new one, buy exactly like the original one (same model and wattage)
  • If you are not planning to use laptop for as long as a week at least, remove the battery and keep it in a cool dry place
  • Use factory recommended power settings or balanced power settings
  • Do not use laptop in high temperature environments or in sunshine
  • Turn off the display every 2 minutes if on battery if not using the laptop

If a user exercise these simple and common tips, it is reported that the battery remains healthy and its lifetime increases. I hope this simple article is much of a help to laptop users