G’zOne Commando, Casio’s tough-touch phone coming to Verizon

By | April 27th, 2011

So we’ve all seen those rugged mobile phones people use at constructions sites and all, they seem to pretty ugly thanks to those rubberized body parts, now Casio has introduced such a device called the G’zOne Commando.What makes this device unique is that has a 3.6 inch touchscreen display which runs Android 2.2 with a custom embellishments from Casio.Its somewhat smoothed out hexagonal body is capable to survive immersion and water ,even extreme temperatures,Salt Fog, humidity, vibration, solar radiation, dust,rain, low pressure and even drops up to 4 feet.

gzone 300x191 GzOne Commando, Casios tough touch phone coming to Verizon

Casio has also included a 5 mega pixel camera with flash to capture all your adventures,apart from that theres Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth and plenty of expandable memory on this device.Other pleasant add-ons include a compass, a pedometer and tide tables to name a few.

gsmarena 001 1 GzOne Commando, Casios tough touch phone coming to Verizon

So if you’re a surfer,a mountain climber, a biker ,a hard-hat zone worker or do something equally demanding, this might just be the perfect device for you, garb one on April 28th from Verizon for $200 on contract.

[Source: Mobile crunch]