Google to Launch Chrome Web Store

By | May 20th, 2010

Google will launch Chrome Web Store later this year that will provide a marketplace for web apps. These web apps can be downloaded to Google Chrome or any other browser that supports modern web standards. Developers can join the developer discussion groups along with reading the preliminary documentation to start developing apps for the chrome web store. The store won’t be a rival to Apple’s App Store: unlike App Store, the web apps at Chrome Web Store will solely be for web, just like Firefox addons. The only difference between Firefox addons and web apps at Chrome Web Store will be that these web apps can be installed on any browser; however will work best on Chrome.

chrome web store Google to Launch Chrome Web Store

The only thing missing in Chrome up till now were addons, and building a web store of its own will boast chrome’s userbase. Instead of having thumbs of most frequently visited pages on your Chrome’s home page, users can now have icons of the installed web apps. These apps can be anything ranging from games to productivity. The idea is to make Web the ultimate place, providing everything you need on your browser.

Via iClarified