Google to Introduce Skype-like Features in Chrome

By | June 24th, 2011

Microsoft buying Skype makes their competition with Google even stronger. Let us remind you that back in 2009 Google aimed towards buying Skype but backed out at the final moment saying that Skype’s underlying P2P technology was out-dated. As it turns out Google had better and bigger plans of their own.

Skype on Chrome

Google, being the first company ever in the history of internet to hit 1 billion unique visitors in a month in May 2011 can divert its user wherever they want. Chrome is getting ridiculously popular due to its speed and reliability over IE and Firefox. But Google thinks Chrome more than just a browser when Henrik Andreasson from Google revealed on Friday that they are working to enable Chrome with Real-Time-Communication (RTC) capabilities to support features like video calls, voice chat and real time applications.

Developers will be able to code their own RTC applications on Chrome thus creating a market-space around the browser. At the end of the day Skype is just famous for it’s Voice and Video chat that Chrome will inherently support in near future anyway. Source: maximumPC