Google Sends out invitation to its event, rumor roundup

By | October 18th, 2012

Google just started sending out invitations for its next Google even which is due to take place on 29th October 2012 in New York, 6 days after Apple’s event to be precise. While Apple is expected to put an end to iPad mini rumors and launch an update of MAC mini, we are not quite so sure about Google event, although android 4.2 is in the lineup but we aren’t so sure if it’s ready to be delivered.

“The Playground is open”

That is what the invitation reads; if we think a little deeper this actually makes sense. There had been a lot of speculations circulating about Google products; lets revisit them one by one.

32 GB Version of Nexus 7

The first and most important of those rumors is the release of 32 GB version of Nexus 7. Recently, a customer in japan was ‘accidently’ sold a 32GB version of Nexus 7 which proved that it really was in production. To further support the issue, screenshots and ads have started to appear sporting the 32 GB model, and that’s not the only good news, allegedly, the new tablet will be sold at $300 which would still be cheaper than the 32GB iPad mini.

But what will happen to the 8GB version? Well there was another rumor that Google is in works to notch up its sales by introducing a $99 tablet, perhaps the induction of 32GB model will lower down the price of 8GB (Please Google).

Key Lime Pie

Another thing that could be introduced in the event is the new OS by Google, the key lime pie 4.2. We already concluded a list of expected changes in 4.2 and although not a major update but it will bring some bug fixes and project run away.

Next Nexus Phone

LG, Sony and Motorola all geared up and we saw a few “Google” phones produced by these manufacturers. The LG’s Nexus 4 and Sony’s Xperia Nexus were the culprits of the stir created by them. Would Google introduce the new phone along with android 4.2? Considering Jellybean has only made it to 2% of android phones it would be a little hasty move from Google to launch another update.

So that sums it up, since the invitation date is drawing closer it is only appropriate to ask, which rumor would you like to come true?