Google Search engine Tricks

By | July 26th, 2012

Google was born in 1996 when two Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Bin started it as a research project. In 1998 it was officially launched as a search engine. Since then it had little competition as it provided the most relevant searches and at that time had mere few competitors. Analysts believed it was more advance then the searches provided by hotbot, yahoo, MSN and excite; having achieved a 60 million indexed website database Google was forging ahead. It was only a matter of time; Google started acquiring acquisitions, YouTube, jotspot and even Motorola in recent years. What is the reason for their success? We believe it is attention to detail.


The minimalistic and clean design of is complimented by the gadgets and basic functionalities it provides. Try this, open up and type say “What is 3 * 4 -5(6/7)” and it will pop up with an answer plus a nifty little scientific calculator with it.

Google calculator

Let’s try “5*8+9-8+8+1-100/8*(3-5/8+8)”

Calculator part 2

We get an accurate answer yet again. Well, that goes to show that Google isn’t just about search engine now, they are slowly but surely minimizing the need of other gadgets. The calculator that they have provided can operate in either degree or radian modes, can calculate trigonometric functions like “sin 5 – cos5” can calculate logarithms, square roots, exponents and just about anything you would expect a calculator to do. If you plan to try this on a Smartphone, rotate your device in landscape mode to bring out the scientific calculator.

Currency Converter

These search gadgets are not only limited to the calculator, you can perform other tasks like as Google “100 USD in GBP” it will get the latest currency rates and give you the answer.

currency converter

Graphing Tool

Having trouble with graphs? Ask Google, the search should be like “z = x^5 + y^2” and it will show you a nice 3d animated graph. These are a few of amazing features Google provides us. One another favorite is the unit converter. Ask Google “how many kilometers in 500 meters” and it will answer you with 0.5 Km. along with that you have an option to convert time, currency, length, mass, fuel consumption, mass, volume and even digital storage units.

Find an Address

You can even find addresses through the Google search engine. For instance search “apple headquarters” and Google search will show up with the address.


To sum up, Google is keen on providing functionality of every a basic gadget on the web. Their new addition i.e. the scientific calculator which in our opinion is the type of gadget we need surfing online is one of many innovative Google has put forth. Try the functionality of Google calculator and test it’s abilities. You can find many more gadgets Here.