Google outs Voice Action App for Android smartphones

By | August 13th, 2010

Google outs a Voice Action app that lets Android smartphone users to perform tasks like send message, send email, find directions and much more usingĀ  voice commands. Voice recognition has always been a difficult area among researches as slight variation in accent and tone can result in unrecognizable words, but that seems a history asĀ  Google enhances the voice recognition for Android and a proof of that is this video:

Using voice action on your Android phone is simpler than it looks, all you have to do is touch the microphone button beside Google Search box from you home screen. Alternatively you can press and hold the physical search button on your phone to activate “Speak Now” window. Once the “Speak Now” window appears, you can command your phone to perform certain actions, the phone will obey.

voice actions android Google outs Voice Action App for Android smartphones

A list of commands and their usage can be viewed on official Google blog. The Action App works on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above.