Google Nexus One will be sold without any contract?

By | December 29th, 2009

It’s almost confirm that Google will sold the Nexus One directly to consumer without contract with any service provider. It is reported by BGR that Nexus One will be sold directly via the Web. It’s also reported that Google and HTC will provide the service like troubleshooting and repairing while T-Mobile will offer billing, coverage, features, and rate plans.┬áThis means the phone can be purchased directly from Google website and can be hooked up with any connection. Whereas officially it’ll be supported by T-Mobile and we guess that’s optional. Hopefully nexus is coming in the start of January 2010.

Update 1: Google Nexus One sold directly and only by Google, officially supported by T-Mobile

Update 2: It’s rumored that T-mobile may subsidize it around March, but for now it’ll be sold separately