Google Launches MyGlass app for Android to manage your Glass device

By | April 16th, 2013

Google has launched a companion app for Android, available on Google Play, to manage and configure Glass device from your phone. The app, MyGlass, will work on Android devices with OS version 4.0.3 and plus. Available only for Android platform, the app offers features like handling SMS messages, providing location services and attending phone calls. While glass unit can interact with any bluetooth-enable device, these features are only available through the companion app.

The app is useful only if you have a Glass device; however, you can still install the app and get stuck where it tries to setup your Glass unit. There’s also a Glass Setup Page launched with a wizard that helps setup your Glass for the first time. The setup requires you to scan a QR code with the Glass to link the hardware unit with your account. While Android users are in for a treat, it’s not clear whether Google is planning to release a similar companion app for other platforms or not.

Google has already exposed the Mirror API for the developers to start getting their hands dirty and contribute to the Glass ecosystem. While many still don’t have the privilege to get their hands on the glass yet, the launch of the companion app and the setup page is a hope that things will move fast from here on.