Google introduces Handwriting Search for Mobile

By | July 27th, 2012

Google in recent times has brought us many cool features, gadgets and innovative tips and tricks to their search. After a recent go at the search gadgets; they have facilitated the smartphone and tablet users with yet another search feature; the handwriting search.

Activation and Features

Before this you could type your search, search by image or by voice. But now Google has taken another initiative, the handwrite,  best part of which is that you don’t need any modification, plugin or installation. You can access the feature by going to, settings and enable the handwriting option. If you rather go for the traditional typing method then just tap on the search bar and let the keyboard appear and you can use it normally.

12 Google introduces Handwriting Search for Mobile

This untraditional searching method is generating fair amount of criticism as people suggests that typing is quicker, easier and more accurate. But we believe it’s always good to have options. As far as accuracy is concerned the autocomplete features supports it. Say if you write “app” and it would complete it “apple”, this could always be helpful for getting that little bit of extra accuracy. Another good thing about it is that once you enable the handwriting option, you can start writing anywhere on the screen for it to work.

22 Google introduces Handwriting Search for Mobile



If you want to have a go at this latest feature, you need to have Android version 2.3 and above and iOS 5 and above for Apple devices. Google handwriting is currently available in 27 different languages and Google promises to bring more support and performance enhancements in future.

32 Google introduces Handwriting Search for Mobile

The response from the handwriting did seem a little “choppy” but since it is in development stage there is always room for improvement. Go ahead, try the new Google handwriting and share your experience with us. [via Google]