Google Currents App review

By | September 20th, 2012

Smartphones have pretty much replaced all of technologies and the way we deal with things around us. Nowadays smartphones are your magazines, your wallet, your camera and pretty much everything you want it to be. Browsing internet pages however had never been “perfected”, as you would have to zoom-in/out of pages and hence loosing perspective of the screen and where you had been. Flipboard changed the story for iOS, but on Android tablets and Phones (although available) and have 100 million users and counting – but still isn’t perfect. Now don’t take us wrong, Flipboard is a beautiful app and it works great on iOS but it needs work on Android.

“Google Currents” puts web readers on cellphones out of their misery. It’s a news reader for Android and Apple devices, both tablets and smartphones. A very simple App which displays your selected content on one half of the screen and the latest news (depending on you flavor) on the other side. You can choose what sort of news and websites currents should display – meanwhile having option to change them as well.

Let’s start off by design and features of Currents Application. On the main page in portrait mode you will get the top news on the “top” section of the device, while your favorite websites are listed below the feeds, if your websites cannot be listed on single page then you can swipe to slide. Select the website and it will take you to that website optimized for the device; which means you don’t have to pinch or zoom in or out to adjust it to right text. You can change what currents display, either your library section or trending websites.

There is a “+” button on top from where you can add news or website source, once added they will be displayed in your “Library” section and trending articles will be displayed on the home page. There is offline syncing as well, you can read cached articles but they will be “bare-bone”. Overall the experience is very pleasing and the design in crisp and up-to date. You can also list your website to make it display on Google currents. The way things are changing it seems that one day websites won’t have specific apps; applications like Google currents and flip boards are fulfilling that need without having to browse a different App for each website. Over all an “A” for Google currents – we hope to see more enhancements and constant support and updates considering its Google.