gKrypt Encrypts your files in a Blink of an Eye

By | December 30th, 2011

In today’s world keeping your personal data private has become an issue as anyone can access your PC when you’re connected to the internet. We all know keeping your files in encrypted form is the best solution as no one, not even a super computer can break through them. Up till now there were a lot of encryption software available but they all had one problem; they were crappy and slow.

gkrypt file encryption gKrypt Encrypts your files in a Blink of an Eye

gKrypt innovates the file protection by introducing the fastest file encryption software that uses your graphics card to encrypt or decrypt any file. Suppose you have a 1GB of movie from some family trip and you really want to keep it private: with existing  file protection software it may take minutes to encrypt that movie file but gKrypt claims to encrypt that in few seconds. In the video demo below, they claim to encrypt with a speed of 100 MB of data per second provided you have a relatively strong graphics card on your system (which is very common these days).

In addition to being the fastest encryption software, gKrypt is also very simple to use. All you have to do to protect your files is to drag and drop them into the UI of the software. You need to set up a pass code first time the software starts (can change it whenever you want) and the same pass code will be required by whomsoever wants to decode the files. gKrypt works best if you have an AMD or Nvidia GPU in your system. It can also encrypt on a non-GPU system but it won’t be as fast as with the system having a graphics card in it.

The software is priced at $29 but you can download a free trail for 30 days from gKrypt website.