Get the pocket friendly Archos 7c tablet for $220

By | April 23rd, 2011

If you want to get yourself a multi-purpose tablet, the options are far from limited, though most of them are prised at $499 there aren’t many options if you want to get a tablet for less than that.

Luckily, Archos has launched its new Multimedia Tabblet with a pretty impressive pricetag.For just $220 ,you get an Android device which plays HD media on a 7-inch Capacitive Touch screen.Apart from the internal 8 GB memory you also get a Micro SD slot and Wi-fi.However theres a downside , too instead of the latest Android version, you would be stuck with Android 2.1 which is pretty disappointing, but none the less it still means you get access to thousands of useful applications.

Archos plans to market this device as a budget friendly alternative to Other pricey tablets on the market.Altough you’ll miss out on all the fun while most other tablet owners snap pictures and video chat with there loved ones, you still get a pretty good deal, you can view High quality media files and can use it as an e-reader with ease.The device also allows you to take advantage of a full page web-browser.It will be available this week in the US, so grab one and hope it gets an Android update !