Get Google Books, magazines access outside of US/UK

By | December 20th, 2012

One of the reasons why i bought a Google device was quite frankly its ability to access features like Google Books, sadly however, i soon found out that they were inaccessible outside US or UK. Since then i had been a little disappointed, i mean, why would you restrict probably the best feature of owning a Google device just to specific countries? Thankfully though i was not the only one who wanted the feature and thanks to a few simple steps, you too can get Google books, magazine, music, movies and what’s that song app on your device.

Market Extended

Before we continue into details, there are a few details you need to check.


  • You have an Android device running Google Play market 3.7.11 and above.
  • Your phone is rooted.
  • You are willing to spend a few minutes on the procedure.

Hardwareinsight will not be responsible for any bricked device, follow the procedure at your own risk.


Step 1: Considering your phone is already rooted, download market enabler from this link.

Step 2: Download DroidVPN from Market.

Step 3: Download Tun.ko from Market.

Step 4: Go to settings > Apps > Market and clear the cache and data.

Step 5: Go to market enabler and set it to a US profile, any would do, but lets choose TMobile [US]. To select it, select the provider’s tab from top, long press TMobile script and set fake provider now.

Step 6: Start Up Droid VPN; before that, go to “Tun.ko” and select install from within the app.

Step 7: Open up market and install Google Content.

Google Books

If you followed the steps correctly, you will have access to full Google market, this modification is specifically splendid for people who are just curious to find out whats at the other end.