Gadgets without which people can not live

By | May 2nd, 2009

The advancements in technology have changed the perceptions of human mind, and has made the life faster and complex. Along with this, now people are dependent on various technological gadgets to spend their daily routine life and/or earn the money. If we look at the past, all nations were also spending quality life without these technological advancements and gadgets, the question is why can’t we live without these things?

gadgets Gadgets without which people can not live

Cell Phones

Not too long ago, cell phones were not very common, very few elites and celebrities would have cell phones with them. In US alone, more than 50% students have cell phones of their own and this percentage is very high in countries like India, China, Pakistan, UAE. China has over 500 million cell phone users. It has become a necessity for most of the people including the poor. There are cell phones available as cheap as 20$ and the connection is almost free, so the cost is not a factor anymore. However to most of the people, it is an entertainment unit rather than a necessity. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you really need it or you are just stuck with it coz everyone has it!

cell phones Gadgets without which people can not live

Laptops & Computers

Almost every single person who is at job nowadays has a laptop or a PC or both. It’s just like an extra thing attached with you and now you’ve to carry an extra load of the laptop. Ironically with all these so called advancements in the technology that a person must have a laptop/PC, still the world hasn’t become a better safer place to live. The gadgets have become the part of people’s lifes. The the advertisment is so high and intense that those who don’t have these kind of devices feels that it is obligatory to have them!

laptops Gadgets without which people can not live

Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Minds of people are not strong enough anymore to remember anything, so they need moments to be captured to see them again. For this purpose almost every home has a digital camera or camcorder. Both are the inventions of recent time and yet has done a lot of influence on people. Today’s world is known has world of media, ideas and thoughts, all transmitted by pictures and movies.

canon powershot s5is Gadgets without which people can not live


All the minds around the world are now controlled by media and with television as the main source. I believe if we remove television from the life, life would be a lot easier and peaceful. The reality is some cases is the exact opposite of what television portrays.

That’s why Jerry Mander wrote in 1978 the Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television:

Argument One–The Mediation of Experience

“As humans have moved into totally artificial environments, our direct contact with an knowledge of the planet has been snapped. Disconnected, like astronauts floating in space, we cannot know up from down or truth from fiction. Conditions are appropriate for the implantation of arbitrary realities. Television is one recent example of this, a serious one, since it greatly accelerates the problem.”

Argument Two–The Colonization of Experience

“It is no accident that television has been dominated by a handful of corporate powers. Neither is it accidental that television has been used to re-create human beings into a new form that matches the artificial, commercial environment. A conspiracy of technological and economic factors made this inevitable and continue to do so.”
lcd tv Gadgets without which people can not live

Argument Three–Effects of Television on the Human Being

“Television technology produces neuro-physiological responses in the people who watch it. It may create illness, it certainly produces confusion and submission to external imagery. Taken together, the effects condition for autocratic control.”

Argument Four–The Inherent Biases of Television

“Along with the venality of its controllers, the technology of television predetermines the boundaries of its content. Some information can be conveyed completely, some partially, some not at all. The most effective telecommunications are the gross, simplified linear messages and programs which conveniently fit the purposes of the medium’s commercial controllers. Television’s highest potential is advertising. This cannot be changed. The bias is inherent in the technology.”