Fuuvi Nanoblock Lego Camera

By | November 16th, 2012

Why can’t cameras be fun? Why do they all have to be about the megapixels and frame rate and aluminium body? Wasn’t the whole point of having a portable digital camera was to have “fun” and enjoy those random snaps? Well, a Japanese company thinks so, and so, they have introduced a unique digital camera which is as big as your wrist watch dial and comes in the shape of a Nano block, a Japanese alternative to Lego. The camera comes if different funky colors and quite honestly a little appealing (weird) and that perhaps is the most appealing function of the camera as the hardware is not very up to date.

The camera features a 2 megapixel sensor, however, lack of a viewfinder makes the life a little more difficult. Having said that, the camera is capable of recording 480 p videos at 30 fps, not bad I say, for a 2 megapixel watch sized camera. The tiny, funky camera stores the pictures into a micro SD card, and for connectivity, you can attach the camera like a USB to your laptop or desktop to transfer the files and charge the built in lithium ion battery. The Fuuvi Camera will cost mere $54 and comes with different attachments to make your camera look a little more interesting.