Four Essentials for your iPhone 4

By | April 4th, 2011

Now that you’ve spent a good amount of money to get your hands on the best multimedia Smartphone in the market, we believe the following four items will help you make the most out of the device.

4. Screen Protector

It may seem like common sense, but it really is quite necessary to cover that large retina display in some plastic. Screens on mobile devices get scratched pretty easily. Place your phone in a pocket or purse with a set of keys next to it and the next time you see your device it’ll be covered with scratches all over. Screen Protectors come really cheap; prices start at just $1 at Amazon.

3. Cases

Belkin offers a great range of cases for the iPhone 4, you can choose from many designs and materials like silicone, plastic, and nylon etc. If you like working out, an armband attachment could be the right accessory for you. Prices start at just $19.99 at Belkin.

iphone 4 case Four Essentials for your iPhone 4

2. Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

Stop wasting time trying to untangle those wired headphone cables, Motorola offers a great alternative for those who’d like to enjoy wireless connectivity to you iPhone music library over Bluetooth. It also allows you to take calls and is ideal for just about anyone! Grab one of these from Amazon.

bluetooth headset Four Essentials for your iPhone 4

1. Dock with Speakers/ Alarm clock functionality

Take advantage of the extensive music library you have on your phone, simply place it on a dock and enjoy clear sound. With the iHome dock, it’s easy to keep your device charged and it also doubles as an alarm clock. Prices start at around $100 at Amazon.

iphone 4 dock Four Essentials for your iPhone 4

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