Flock – The complete Social Web Browser

By | April 6th, 2009


Recently a new web browser named Flock grabbed the attention of bloggers and those who use social websites. Flock is believed to be the most comprehensive solution for social web browsing. Besides this, it is the coolest web browser I’ve seen. If you are addicted to internet and spend many hours on it, then you must need a web browser that is soothing to your eyes, offers a lot of features and functionality under one window and is fast and efficient.

flock Flock   The complete Social Web Browser

Flock is much faster than Firefox, yet provides you many handy features with small useful buttons. The user-interface is user-friendly and provides a quick access to the desired links.

Good News for Bloggers:

Whenever a user visits a website/blog that offers feed, Flock automatically detects it and ask user to subscribe to feed. This helps the user to see feeds of the websites/blog they like and helps the bloggers to build a quality community on their blog. It represents it in a nice color scheme.

flock blog Flock   The complete Social Web Browser

Organize and Surf Web more easily:

With Flock you can surf the web and your favorite website just by a single click. It represents them better than Chrome. In the default home page, you can see your subscribed feeds, buttons to go to your favorite social website like facebook, twitter, Flickr, Myspace, Youtube, Digg etc. More over in the third column you can see your favorite media, like post of a blog, video from youtube, a photo from flickr or any other thing.

flock world Flock   The complete Social Web Browser

Flock has already become the best browser for most of the web users, and is growing its community faster than chrome. I think, it is the Browser for Next Generation. You can self explore the rest of the features of Flock, it also popups atutorial window at startup that explain the main features of the browser.

Click here to visit Flock’s Homepage