FlashAir: Send and Receive Images to/from your Camera via WLAN

By | September 5th, 2011

Toshiba is launching its FlashAir SDHC memory card capable of peer-to-peer transfer via wireless LAN, i.e it can send images directly from your camera to devices like PC, Tablets and Phones without cables as well as can receive the data from those devices.  A previous technology than this is known as Eye-Fi that was capable of only pushing images via WLAN to other devices (serves the purpose) i.e. only one way transfer. Now Imaging you sharing pictures with your friends directly using cameras using FlashAir.

flashair FlashAir: Send and Receive Images to/from your Camera via WLAN

FlashAir’s embedded wireless communication function allows users to upload and download photographs to and from a server and to exchange photographs and other data with other devices, including digital cameras that are FlashAir compliant and, smartphones and PCs that support wireless LAN. All transfers are done wirelessly, without any need for a cable connection. Key features of the new card include the ability to receive as well as transmit and lower power consumption than other cards with similar functions.

The 8GB FlashAir SD memory card with support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard and will start shipping in February 2012. The card with offer WEP, TKIP, AES security standards and will support basic image and few other formats. You camera doesn’t need to be complaint with FlashAir, it will still share images on other wireless networks. For more information visit the official product page.