Flash Player for iPhone and iPod Touch

By | January 16th, 2010

Apple iPod Touch and iPhone doesn’t have a flash support. That hinders you from surfing websites that are based on flash or have flash content inside. Although an app for youtube comes pre-installed on iPhone and iPod Touch that plays the converted youtube videos but that’s all the flash you get.

There’s an app available at Cydia named iMobileCinema that enables flash support on your ipod Touch and iPhone. It also adds the support to your safari browser which means you can visit websites built on flash and can play flash videos embedded in any website.

To enable flash support on your device you need to have:

  1. iPod Touch or iPhone with firmware 2.x or Above
  2. Jailbroken and Cydia installed
  3. Download iMobileCinema (for 2.x)
  4. Wait for sometime while iMobileCinema gets installed on your device.
  5. That’s it, open safari and watch flash content!

To check, open any website with flash content from your safari browser. For example this one: rpms.nexginrc.org if you see the flash animation below navigation buttons it means you have successfully installed flash player on your device. See the video tutorial below. If you have any problem or questions feel free to ask in comments.