First AA powered netbook by NorhTech Gecko

By | December 29th, 2009

NorhTech is planning to release their $199 netbook packed with 8 AA batteries intead of a single conventional battery. This would reduce the netbook weight and of course the price as AA batteries are much cheaper. Engadget shows a video in which a guy from liliputing demonstrate the netbook with AA batteries.

aa powered netbook First AA powered netbook by NorhTech Gecko

This, indeed is thoughtful as AA batteries are easily available in market and can be swapped with old ones. Moreover AA batteries can now provide a good amount of energy, 2600mAh models are common and easily available. The netbook will basically target students, however we’re not sure how long these AA batteries last under real use of the netbook.

The netbook is packed with 1GHz Xcore86 processor, 512MB of RAM, an 8GB SD card, and an 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 display. If you don’t like the specs, you can swap every component with a more powerful one and that is cool. Even the processor along with SD card and RAM can be removed and replaced by a new one. This gives a greater flexibility and customization to this NorhTech Netbook.

The netbook is cheap, designed for students and can be easily customized. The AA batteries charges inside the netbook when it’s plugged in. A standard and commonly available battery like AA works best with gadgets instead of their own unique batteries. Although it’s priced at $199 but if you work for some organization and can order 100,000 units to help children you get it for under $100.