Fifa 2012: Testing the Android Capabilaties

By | July 23rd, 2012

In past years we have seen games for smartphones evolve. Many of them such as Angry birds, Cut the Rope, Tiny wings, Draw Something and many other casual games have been a major success. But what about the other side of the gaming industry, sports for instance? With the ever popular titles such as NFL, Cricket, Pro evolution soccer and none other than FIFA 2012 hitting the smartphone repository, it is only appropriate how they fare with the hardware.


The device that we chose to test the capability is a modest HTC Sensation XE, powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor and an Adreno 220 graphic engine. We have full faith that it will perform well under the circumstances. Let’s begin the test shall we?

The Interface

To our delight, the interface seemed smooth and well-crafted, with high quality images and a good subtle background music it matches up to the quality of that delivered by that of PlayStation 3. The interface is quite simple, swipe to view sliding options: Daily challenge, Kick-OFF, Game Modes, My FIFA and Help are the main options on the first screen.

Let’s head on and select Kick-OFF. Now again the interface is well made and very easy to understand. User can choose from their favorite football clubs all around the world and can also play their favorite international team. The pre match central is a beautifully designed page in which you will choose your kit and match time. A solid 5/5 for the interface.

The Design

The aesthetics are amazing, beautifully designed interface and excellent variety of shades in the game. The player detail is surprisingly accurate considering it is a hand held game and not the high level PlayStation 3 game. The stadiums are well crafted and the details of them are immaculate, saying that there is room for improvement a 4/5 suits it well.

The Controls

The D-pad given in the game is fairly comfortable but it takes some time to get used to, controlling the player could get a little messy at times but having said that there are variety of control methods to choose from. For that the game scores a respectable 4/5

The Gameplay

We tested the game on the easy mode; it was fun to beat the opposition with a comfortable margin. There are difficulties to choose from and several aspects that you can change such as stadium, weather and the difficulty of the opponent you are facing. The variety of shots and tackles are astounding and earns it a solid 4/5 in gameplay.

Summing up the game gets a good 4.2/5 rating. The game will cost you 2.99$ on the android device but before you purchase, make sure your device has a dual core processors for best experience.