Facebook Profile Upgrade Gives You a Charming Persona

By | December 10th, 2010

Have you tried out the new Facebook profile page? If you haven’t, it could sadly mean that social network hasn’t yet caught up with you. For, everyone on Facebook – well almost everyone – now has a new profile. And, look how appealing it is for the eyes! Complete with some amazing features, such as location, birth date, work, school, hometown and more, right on top where your eyes will lead you to, the new profile comes as a visual treat packed with vital info as to what your friends want to know about you.

Facebook new layout Facebook Profile Upgrade Gives You a Charming Persona

What’s more, these info will have tagged images making the page look charming. You also have space where you can display your philosophy, politics, religion and all such stuff in a nutshell. What make the new profile even more exemplary are the pages dedicated to pictures and friends. Options to highlight relationships and rearrange icons bring in more user friendliness.

You also have something of the sort of an album cover that would keep friends updated as to what are your current likes – be it your favorite music, movie or game currently keeping you busy. Now, tell us if you have decided to be a new-gen Facebookie or not. If you haven’t yet changed over to the new profile, we suggest you should. Why do you want to be left behind in a social networking race when your friends want you to walk along side them? Log on now and click on the new link that reads ‘Get the New Profile’. And that’s it, you are there.

Talking more on Facebook, we suggest you check out the Sony Profile Hero hosted here. If you haven’t heard as yet, Sony is giving away 20 of its flagship ultra-compact camera, the NEX-5 as part of a new photo competition called Profile Hero hosted on Facebook as part of its Christmas give away. Rush now!