DDR3L Memory Standard Evident, Consumes 15% Less Power

By | July 27th, 2010

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, known for defining memory standards, has announced the publication for DDR3L, an addendum to DDR3 memory standard. DDR3L, stands for DDR3 Low Voltage, will consume a single 1.35V power supply making it 15% more power efficient than DDR3 that consumes 1.5V. Moreover, DDR3L consumes 40% less power than DDR2 memory, uplifting battery life of laptops, dissipating less heat. Under the specifications, DDR3L memory devices will be fully compatible with DDR3 memory devices.

According to the committee, the power consumption of a device is very critical for their customers and end users. The advancement in DDR3 memory standard will provide a more environment friendly solution cutting 15% power and cooling cost of memories. “The JEDEC DDR3L standard defines an energy-efficient solution that benefits the environment, manufacturers and end users,” said Robert Feurle, Vice President DRAM Marketing, Micron Technology.


Some manufactures are already using 1.35V DDR3 memories but in limited supply. Hopefully after this publication, major manufactures will move towards DDR3L standard. JEDEC forecasts a wide availability of DDR3L memory devices from over 300 companies working together with them. On a side note, you may also like to see how much memory is enough for you.

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