Cool Headphones

By | July 31st, 2009

Headphone is a necessity today; with the devices like Mp3 players, iphone and other smart-phones. Some people prefer full size headphone that covers the ears too while other prefer small handy in-ear headphones. Both are perfect and totally depends on what you desire. Here are some cool ones that adds a style to your personality. if you are looking headphones for iphone and ipod, see my previous article.

Coconut Headphones:

These were released by no company, they are homemade which tells us one thing: you can make cool things as u wish at home. So it’s only a matter of time before geeks start upgrading their devices according to what they desire. The guy who made it says that it took him 4 days to complete these. See detail here.

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Tritton’s surround sound headset:

These headphones are available in many different styles and color patterns. They are better known as precision gaming headset and has almost 10 different items in the pack. They are complete gaming sound system by Tritton.

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Psyko’s 5.1 headphones:

Psyko has excelled in making gaming phones. These 5.1 headphones have many unique features. First of all the speakers are not placed in the ear cups, rather they are placed above your head in the bridge of your headset, according to company, help produce awesome sound that you may have never experienced before.

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iFrogz headphones:
If you are looking for a matching headset with any other thing, these are perfect. they come in many colors and shades. If you pick blue, then you’ll find different shades of blue all over the headphones including headbands, outer earpiece, cushions, and so on.

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$5,000 headphones by Casa Gi:

These ear phones are made from 18 Karat gold with 118 diamonds sprinkled all over. Top jewelers, Casa Gi, wants to target actors with this products. It serve as ear-ring as well as headphone 😛

3774538026 0eb4937e17 Cool Headphones

V-Moda’s Vibe II headphones:

If you want 0% outside noises, go for this product that uses Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone (BLISS) for external isolation. They are cool, stylish, sophisticated and affordable. Buy them from V-Moda.

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Klipsch in-ear headphones:
Perfect in-ear headphones that enters into your ear like an ear worm. These are tiny headphones that block the outside noises very well. However, they cost you $250 which is expensive for this product, I’ll rather buy Apple’s in-ear for only $79.

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Skull Candy TI headphones:
SkullCandy is very famous for its stylish and hi-tech headphones. The TI model is a series of DJ headphones and comes in many colors and designs. They cost you only $80 for these headphones. See all the designs and colors of TI headphones.

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Double Agent Wireless headphones:
Double agent is also a brand of skullcandy and includes wireless headphones. They are cheap yet cool and comes in many colors. Select your wireless headphones for only $90.

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The Earring earphones:

EarMecca has provide a cool collection of Earrings that are actually headphones. No one can tell from far that they are headphones. So don’t need to buy any other earring, just buy these two in one headphones/earring. It comes in many styles and shapes. As this product is awesome, I’m gonna provide some pictures of it.

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Lastly I would like to cheer the visitors by showing you a cool, surround headphone. I bet, with these headphones, you’ll never miss a sound, and it provides a 100% isolation from the outside world. Be aware, these are only for Big heads! Thanks DFP

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