How to Solve “Change the batteries” Problem – Canon PowerShot S2 IS

By | March 14th, 2010

Many people reported problems with their Canon PowerShot S2 IS model that it gives change the batteries message in the shoot mode. Luckily I had the same problem once with my camera and it’s pretty easy to troubleshoot. First of all you need to keep in mind that it’s the battery problem, not camera’s or firmware’s. There is no firmware update for Canon S2 IS so you can’t download the new software into your camera. Before I write a guide to properly troubleshoot this problem, notice that there are two type of batteries in your camera:

  1. The 4-AA batteries
  2. A button battery for storing date and time.

canon s2 is How to Solve Change the batteries Problem   Canon PowerShot S2 IS

If your playback mode is working fine and the message appears only when you switch to shoot mode, then either of these batteries could be faulty; you need to figure out which one.

Checking button battery:

This battery lies in a small box in your battery compartment. Open up the battery compartment of your camera you’ll notice a small engraving CR1220. Put your index finger along its side and pull that small rectangular box upward. Inside there is a button battery of 3V and model number CR1220. If you have an access to voltmeter; check whether its giving full 3.0V or not. If not, then you need to replace it; the battery is very cheap and common, you can easily find it in the market. After inserting the button battery back, reset your camera (in playback mode press the menu button for about 5 seconds and release).

 How to Solve Change the batteries Problem   Canon PowerShot S2 IS

Checking 4 AA batteries:

Camera is a very sensitive device and requires a handsome and constant power supply in the shoot mode. One or more damaged battery in your 4-AA batteries can be responsible for this error. Even after recharging the batteries for several hours the faulty battery can create a problem. The easiest way to check whether these 4 batteries are working properly or not is to purchase throw-able cheap batteries. These throwables will work and take some pictures before draining out. If that works out then you need to replace these rechargeable batteries with new ones.

Please tell us in comments section if you manage to solve this problem

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