Canonical releases source code for Launchpad

By | July 22nd, 2009

Launchpad, the software development web application, has been made open source which means users could now participate directly in the development of Launchpad. Coders can now participate in the development of Launchpad at the lauch pad Development Center.

There are many services offered at Launchpad – the code hosting and collaboration platform – for developers and coders. The service named ‘code’ hosts the source code of the project, currently Launchpad has 12,850 source codes in its database. The ‘bug’ service allows you to track bug in the code, currently there are 400,887 bugs at Launchpad. The translation service helps to convert application into different languages, there are currently 1,214,274 translations at the site.

According to Mark Shuttleworth the founder and CEO of Canonical:

“Launchpad accelerates collaboration between open source projects. Collaboration is the engine of innovation in free software development, and Launchpad supports one of the key strengths of free software compared with the traditional proprietary development process. Projects that are hosted on Launchpad are immediately connected to every other project hosted there in a way that makes it easy to collaborate on code, translations, bug fixes and feature design across project boundaries. Rather than hosting individual projects, we host a massive and connected community that collaborates together across many projects. Making Launchpad itself open source gives users the ability to improve the service they use every day.”

[Via Ubuntu]