Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones

By | July 18th, 2012

Whether you are out and rocking on some music on your phone or mp3 player, or you are back home relaxing to some rive music, choosing proper earphones can be a daunting task considering the verity and the difference in prices. Some can cost from 150-499$ and some mere 10-40$. We are here to answer if spending 500$ worth it or can you get the same amount of fun out off the ones you can get for 20 bucks.

We are going to list top 5 most famous earphones that are favored by the general public. Don’t worry; we have included some of the most insanely expensive to most affordable ones. In the end there is going to be a battle off to see if the monsters are really worth it.

1. The Sony XBA-4

Being a flagship model the quality of the earphones are amazing, having tested them we can assure premium grade quality, sometimes all of us wonder what transformers must feel like in real life, we believe it is “transformers”, yes the famous action series for our ears. A full range of woofer, sub woofer and a tweeter hold underneath the solid construction leading to big sized ear buds. Don’t worry though there are several sizes to choose from within the box.

Sony XBA 4 0 Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones

The verdict

The Sony XBA-4 delivers high quality high Bass truly thumping sound. With a true in ear lock it delivers optimum sound quality and minimum noise interference. This is just what you need right? But think again as the Sony XBA-4 will steal a whopping $278 out of your bank accounts. It’s truly worth every dollar but let’s move on to slighter reasonable ones.

2. Monster Beats Mobile by Dr. Dre

Ah, the ever luscious Dr. Dre earphones, teenagers go drool over them we not just teenager. The refined finish, the rather awesome bright vivid black and red, or white and silver color schemes made us fall in love with the aesthetics of these things, let’s not get carried away shall we and see if they are worth your money. Being shipped with most of the HTC top end devices they must be good you must think. Well let us put it this way “sort of”. The rather heavy ear buds are a little uncomfortable in the ear and considering they are indeed Dr. Dre earphones we expected a little bit more out of them. The aesthetics are spot on and so is the noise isolation, but the bass is not quite there and they are a little uncomfortable to hold in the ear. Along with nice quality wire they are accompanied by music and phone control and a mic, which is a nice feature and the one we really liked about the Beats. Along with that there are around four different ear buds that you can change according to the one that suits you.

Monster Beats Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones

The verdict

Well there is no easy way of saying this, these bad boys will dent you bank account a $160, still about a hundred bucks cheaper than the Sony XBA-4. If aesthetics alone won’t push you to buy these and we recommend that you look for other options.

3. V-Moda Vibrato

The V-Moda vibrato, these muscle pumping earphones sure seem well “delicious”. They come in a cute packaging and with a variety of different ear buds to choose from mainly in black accompanied by the daring silver makes them visually appealing. From our experience the V-Moda vibrato offers a stylish design, good noise isolation, good bass to treble ratio and along with that very finely tuned sound clarity. The solid construction is accompanied by music controls just like the ones in beats and with that you can control you iPod, iPhone or an Android device. What’s great is that you can also control the dialing feature with these fancy headphones a plus from our side.

V Moda Vibrato Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones

The Verdict

They Might be stylish, they might be and we would like to quote here “COOL” but they are again on the expensive side and frankly weighing 0.5lbs a little too heavy for our precious ears. The price tag of &116 makes them a sensible choice over those 278 of Sony and 160 of Beats, but would you really pay even that much for a heavy pair of earphones?

4. Razer Moray

Cutting back to basics, leaving all the fancy stuff and the high price tag we rest our eyes upon the razer moray. Razer a company quiet famous for their gaming devices such as high dpi gaming mouse, responsive keyboards and sound systems took a shot at making earphones. Did they pull it off, are they really gaming earphones? Let’s find out more about the moray.

razer moray Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones

Razer offers you their gaming earphones in either White or black, these snugly looking earphones do not mislead, they are very comfortable to wear and provide excellent control over outside noise. The extra long cable is of top quality and provides gamers room to move about. The matt finish is accompanied by the logo on the earphone themselves and with a healthy packaging gives them a run for their money. They are offered in two types, ones with mic will cost you a little less but we highly recommend getting ones with a mic for little extra bucks.

The Verdict

The Moray will cost you around $31, yes people $31 seems right, and you thought you couldn’t find a pair of fancy looking earphones for less than a 100 bucks now did you? The microphone-less version being sold at 25$ we find that they are rightly price and provide good quality sound with comfortable fit and a healthy packing. These sure give all the big ones a run for their money.

5. Sennheiser CX 200

How can we review earphones and miss out on the Sennheisers. They are famous for delivering best sounds in the market. There are several hundred products offered ranging from 15-600$. But what we have here are an in ear noise cancelling earphones. The modestly stylish CX 200 offers a good length cable and an in ear design providing noise isolation and promising Bass. The Gold plated 3.5mm pin leads towards a healthy life of these earphones and definitely light and comfortable enough to wear. Sennheiser offers them in black or white and are accompanied by a budget packaging. Along with the earphones you will get three types of ear buds from which you can choose the ones that fit you best. The CX 200 lacks a microphone, which can be troublesome; but if you are not looking to play online gaming and their scope is limited to that of listening to music we believe they are a perfect fit.

Sennheiser CX 200 Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones

The Verdict

The Sennheiser CX 200 will cost you 20$ a piece. These ultra-budget in-ear earphones offer good quality sound but lack a microphone. The retail packaging does not offer much but sure is enough to brag about. The good quality sound and the comfort are worth spending 20$ but be aware of quality check marks. This pair is infamous for broken cords in packaging but the users who got them safe haven’t complained about the quality much.


We went through several brands the promises to provide high quality products. They are mainstream products and are rather easy to find. The question that we aimed to answer was if the high range earphones worth the money. Well in short terms NO, the fact is that the companies like Sony or Dr. Dre charge their products because of their brand name, the other reasonably-priced products such as razer and sennheiser offer almost the same quality and design features as the rest. Though the quality on the high end earphones will be better, and yes they will offer more of the fancy stuff like stickers or chains or pouches but the question is what you want from earphones. If you want nice clear crisp sound with comfortable bass the sennheiser and the razer will also offer you those but at a cheaper price.

earphone comparison chart Buying Expensive versus Affordable Earphones