Buy Best RAM

By | April 25th, 2009

Many people ask me: “Which is the best RAM for my computer?”. So I decided to write a review for those who have the same question. At the end of this review, I’ll be able to identify that which RAM is best for which type of users. First of all let me enlist the competitors in RAM business. There are many manufacturers of Memory Modules (RAM). I’ve enlisted the major ones below:


Kingston has made a well brand-name and indeed most of the noobs believe that only Kingston make RAMs. Kingston provides a large variety of RAM types including gaming, industry and personal use RAMs. Kingston RAMs are also believed to be most robust and long lasting. I’ve ever heard a Kingston RAM of someone malfunctioning but have heard it about other brands.


Corsair is well known among technology geeks for it’s high transfer rate. Corsair flash drives are normally twice as fast as Kingston’s. However they suffer from malfunctioning after an year or so. But if you feel comfortable with getting it replaced by warranty, I’ll suggest it due to it’s high transfer speed. Corsair RAMs are famous among gamers and are suitable for extreme performance processors like Intel Core i7.


GEIL – Golden Emperor Int’l Ltd, provide a very economical performance to price ratio. They provide RAM for gamers at a very cheap rate. GEIL products are marketed over 50 countries worldwide


The best brand among technology geeks for overclocking is Mushkin. Their heat sink technology that was released in year 2005 outdated all other heat sink technologies of different brands by increasing the area upto 58%. Mushkin also provide a very vast range of variety for almost all kind of computers.


The memory product of OCZ ranges from very simple like value series for home users to the extreme editions like Titanium and limited editions that include overclocking, water cooling, heat sinking and heat spreaders. OCZ has also made memory for Apple Macintosh.


Type of Users Best suited RAM
Companies and Business Kingston
Gamers Corsair, Mushkin, OCZ
Looking for cheap yet good RAM GEIL
Normal Home use Kingston, OCZ