Best iPhone apps of 2010

By | January 10th, 2010

The total number of applications downloaded from Apple App Store has exceeded 3 billion and the store is flooded with hundreds of cool new apps daily. With so many apps the user gets confused about which app he/she should get. Here is a list of few apps that, I think, everyone must download in his/her iPhone or iPod Touch. I will keep updating the list with time.

1. Stanza

Stanza is a free application that turns your iPod Touch or iPhone into an e-reader. Keep in mind it’s not a pdf reader, it’s a book reader that gives you a complete e-reader feeling. While reading a book using stanza, tap at the right side of the screen to turn next page and turn to previous page by tapping on left side. If you tap on the middle of the screen the application gives you stats and options related to the book being read.

 Best iPhone apps of 2010

You can download many books via the online stores plus there are many free stores that have a collection of free books. It also keeps the track of the page where you left reading and continues from the same page when the app is reopened.

2. Tap Tap Revenge 3

Tap Tap Revenge is one of the most popular game app for iPhone and iPod. The latest, 3.1 version of the app was released on 16 December 2009 is available at App Store for free. Previously the Tap Tap revenge 3 was prices at $0.99 for three months when the developer Tapulous made it free. The app was downloaded 300,000 times in 24 hours after getting free.

 Best iPhone apps of 2010

The game is really a great experience and I love tapping with the background music. As of today, the tap tap revenge game is been downloaded 20 million times and has 4 million active users per month.

3. Engadget

Many of you will agree with me that the best learning and news source related to gadgets like smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, PCs and netbooks is engadget. The app was released just a night before new year and got quite famous in no time. The application is very well designed for your iPhone and iPod and serves as your daily technological and gadget feeds.

 Best iPhone apps of 2010

The app is free and takes on 1MB of space and requires an internet connection on your device. It includes daily top stories, reviews, pictures and videos.


It’s an offline application powered by and and takes 36MB of space on your device. The app is 100% free and full. The app has many powerful features, for example it gives you suggestion while you start typing for the search. The dictionary provides everything related to meaning while the thesaurus serves as synonym suggestions.

 Best iPhone apps of 2010  Best iPhone apps of 2010

The best thing about the app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection. So you can use it anytime, anywhere. The app works on ipod touch as well.

5. Hangman Classic Free

 Best iPhone apps of 2010
Hangman Classic Free is the best hangman game available for ipod touch and iphone. I have tested many hangman games available for the iPhone but found this one very good. The interface is simple but the best part is the choice of words that it gives you as challenge. It really increases your mental and thinking abilities. You can either check your command on all categories or select between Food & Drink, Fruits & Vegetables, Family, Boy Names, Girl Names, Clothes, Body Parts and World Countries. The app can be served great for teachers at school.

Please bookmark this list as I will keep adding best apps. Thanks!