Behold: The iOS Controlled Monster Truck

By | September 9th, 2011

Dexim, a company which is specialized in selling applications and accessories for consumer electronics, has launched the AppSpeed Monster Truck. The Radio Controlled truck toy is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch versions using a free app available at iTunes.


The truck can be controlled using traditional touch buttons on the screen or more conveniently via  gravity sensor of your iOS device. The application also offers a multiplier mode and a speed controller allowing you to race with friends. The RC vehicle charges from computer or any device having USB port via a USB-to-3.5mm charging cable. You can also charge from Quick Batter Charger, sold separately, while on the go.


The AppSpeed Monster Truck is priced at $69 .90, however before you buy note that it’s not that big as it looks in the photo. Moreover the range of the RC truck is only 12-15 meters and charging ends in 10-15 minutes. Check out the video demonstration below.

For purchasing info check the Product Page.