Barnes & Noble rolls out an update for the Nook Color

By | April 25th, 2011

The B&N Tablet gained more popularity when people started hacking into the system to download Android onto the $250 device to make it an Android tablet for beginners, but now Barnes & Noble has released an official update for the Nook Color that adds lots of new functions to the device making it much more than just an e-reader.Nook Apps will use the Android platform for making new Apps but will have to be customized for optimum performance on the device.

ShopApps slide Barnes & Noble rolls out an update for the Nook Color

Not only does it feature Nook Apps and Nook Email but the Web browsing experience on this 7-inch device has also been over hauled, it now supports Flash on its browser which means you get rich content while surfing the web.

A few Nook Apps worth mentioning include Epicurious, UNO, Quickviewoffice, Lonely Planet, Angry birds and Pandora internet Radio.Theres also a new Social netwroking app ┬ácalled “Nook friends” which allows you to see what your friends are reading.Furthermore, new animations for page turning etc on the e-reader have also been introduced in addition to better integration of text and multimedia for kid’s Nook books.

B&N says the the update will be available to Wi-Fi connected device starting today, instead of waiting, you can download it today by visiting the Nook Color update page.

[Source: Engadget ]