Are you Real?

By | July 11th, 2009

The world capital of robotics (i.e Tokyo) and specially of humanoid robotics now got something else. This time its new display technology named Digital signage. At International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo (ISOT 2009) which is Asia’s largest and one of the world’s leading trade fairs for stationery and office products, Digital signage amazed all the audience. This eye-catching system consists of a 0.3-millimeter-thick high-luminance rear-projection film applied to a 3-millimeter-thick glass substrate cut into the shape of a woman. A rear projector beams video onto the film, whose micro-bead-arrayed surface produces a crisp, brilliant image viewable from any angle, even in brightly lit environments.

In its most basic implementation, a digital sign consists of a playback device (such as a computer, VCR or DVD player) connected to a display. Depending on the application, the display might be a small LCD screen, a plasma display panel, or even a video wall composed of a number of connected screens. With a number of affordable options available, anybody with a message to send to their out-of-home audience can benefit from a digital signage installation.

Anybody who needs to display dynamic content in a public environment can benefit from digital signs. While retailers are arguably adopting signage networks in the largest numbers, the technology is also being used to deliver dynamic messages to customers and employees alike in financial institutions, travel hubs, auto dealerships, corporate offices, and other venues. Surely it will bring advertisement industry to a new age.

In coming years I expect to see these at every trade show and theme park.