Archos G10 XS set to launch in August

By | August 6th, 2012

Another tablet in the making, Archos announced their 10” Android ICS running 10″ capacitive screen tablet officially via Facebook.

“ARCHOS Gen 10 is coming…See you in 3 weeks for the launch announcement.”

archos g10 press shot Archos G10 XS set to launch in August

This was the message that was posted along with a teaser for G10 xs, or as people like to call it the Gen 10. The press hot is vague, as it leads to no specification details. All we know is that it will be running Android 4.0 and will be released in 3 weeks’ time. Along with that it is confirmed that it will have a micro-sd card slot along with a micro HDMI slot as well. GEN 10 will also feature a dock able keyboard like the ASUS transformer.

The price and specifications have to be right though, tablets are the gadget of choice by the manufacturers for the past 6 months and a lot have changed since their first preview of GEN 10 back in March. Archos is infamous for providing lack luster customer and device support and with jelly bean coming up, people want their device to feature at least one iteration of OS.

Source: Facebook