Apple to Reduce Screen Size of iPhone?

By | March 20th, 2010

There’s a rumor about the next iPhone to have a smaller screen size than its predecessor. We all love our iPhone and don’t want the screen to be any smaller. The 3.5 inch of screen size fits perfectly into your pocket, unlike Dell Mini 5, and serves best as your on-the-go buddy. Jason Schwarz of explains why Apple would do something like that; according to him, the iPad will be the next top seller device for Apple. iPad will bet a hit at the end of this year in holiday season and the App Store will slowly shift towards iPad.

Apple would be willing to take the risk by decreasing iPhone screen size to shift the focus on iPad. According to Jason Schwarz, iPhone will only act as tethering device hence proving 3G and now 4G connection to all your gadgets. So you have to buy just one Phone line and be able to access the network on all your devices. But due to apple strict shipment policy, it’ll be June, at iPhone 4G release, when we get to know whether this rumor is true or false.

Via Jailbreaknews

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