Apple iPod details and Specifications

By | September 13th, 2012

Apple not only bumped up the iPhone lineup – but revamped their iPod lineup as well, all the iPod’s received major changes from Nano to touch – all were a treat. The first major change is/was the fire bolt connector – a name Apple decided to give its 19 pin connector.

First up the iPod touch 5th generation. The iPod touch boasts a large 4” screen same as the iPhone 5 and at 6.1mm thin it is thinnest of all the series. The iPod weighs only 88 grams. Along with a larger screen the iPod boasts a dual core A5 processor as well and along with that a 5 megapixel camera – which previously was a 1.3 megapixel camera. We have a flash LED as well.

Apple promised around 40 hours of music playback on the new iPod touch and with the new lens for the camera i.e. backside illuminated, f/2.4, 5-element lens it is a major bump up, the front camera receives a treat as well – which is now bumped to record videos at 720p – the thing I liked the most about the new iPod is that it supports Siri functionality as well and the new Panorama feature – which is OS dependent and 4s users will get it as well (hopefully).

Finally there is a new attachment called a “loop” which you can use to strap your iPod to wrist band for running. All in all the iPod touch received major changes and we were more excited about the iPod than the iPhone itself. The new iPod comes in 5 colors, and not just the color of the frame – the entire device – and the price is set, it comes in 32 and 64 GB model, $299 for 32 GB and $399 for the 64 GB model. The iPod touch 4 will continue to sell at $199.

The announcements were great for music lovers as the iPod mini got an overhaul as well, the new iPod Nano now has a 2.5” screen with multitouch interface. In a sense iPods received more innovations than the iPhone itself. iPod Nano now has a home button inspired from the iphone and a widescreen video ability and to top it of FM tuner built in.

The new iPod Nano comes in 7 different colors to spice up the lineup. iPod Nano will be available in October with a price tag of $149. Preorders begin the same date as the iPhone i.e. 14th September. Along with that, iPod shuffle is also getting an upgrade and will be sold at $49 for 2GB model.