Apple announces the new iPhone – Live Updates

By | September 12th, 2012

Apple Event Coverage Live, here is what we expect from the new iPhone

iPhone 5 is running iOS 6

iPhone 5 has a smaller 19 pin connector/dock

iPhone 5 will come in 16/32/64 GB models

iPhone 5 will be using nano sim

Two tone metal backing, replaing the standard ceramic

We will update you with more information as announcements are being made. Remaining devices will be covered as well. Keep watching this space.

Live Updates

10:00 am : Apple Event Begins

10:04 am: Apple to begin selling their devices in 13th country.

10:05 am: First off to MAC

10:07 am: Now jumping on to iPad

10:07 am: Sold 17m iPads last quarter

10:08 am: 84 Million iPad sold through June

10:09 am: 68% Market share for ipad

10:13 am: Phil Schiller is up.

10:10 am: “Almost all of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPads. And they’re investing in custom apps. This is something none of them do on the PC.”

10:11 am: More than 90% of Apps are being downloaded by the customers, each user accounts for at least 100 apps.

10:12 am: “We have exciting news about iPhone”

10:13 am: “Today we are announcing iPhone 5″

10:14 am: Same as the leaked Image

iPhone5 0169 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:15 am: 7.6 mm wide, 20% lighter than 4s

10:16 am: 4″Display 1136 x 640 screen resolution

10:16 am: 16:9 screen ratio

iPhone5 0195 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:20 am: “All your software works just like before. But we have given some devs early access.”

10:20 am: “When I say this display looks better, it really does look better.”

10:21 am: “This is the most accurate display in the industry. The touch sensors are integrated right into the display itself. We removed a layer and made it sharper. This is the world’s most advanced display, and I couldn’t be prouder of it.”

10:22 am: Focusing on wireless technology now

iPhone5 0236 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:23 am: “There’s now a single chip for voice and data, and a single radio chip. And we have a unique Apple advantage with a dynamic antenna.”

10:23 am:“In Europe there’s something else going on. A lot of adoption of this dual carrier network.”

10:23 am: Brand new processor is next. Apple A6. Compared to A5 is 2x faster at CPU, 2x faster at graphics.

10:24 am:“Compared to the A5, it’s two times faster.”

10:25 am: Rob Murray from EA will show off the capabilities

iPhone5 0261 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:28 am: “Now you can see Vince is driving, and he’s racing me. How is that possible? Well we’re using a feature in Game Center. Time shifted head to head.”

10:29 am: Phil is back. “To marry mobile with console graphics, it’s never been done before.” have ti disagree here phill

10:29 am:“So, you can imagine the challenge on the battery life. But we’ve not only matched it… we’ve exceeded that of the iPhone 4S.”

10:30 am:“We asked our team to try and design something better than the iPhone 4S… and they’ve done that. 8mp, backside illuminated, hybrid IR filter…”

10:31 am: Better low light performance.

10:33 am:“With iOS 6 and iCloud, we have new feature called shared photo streams.”

10:33 am:“But perhaps the most amazing new feature in the iPhone 5 is called panorama.”

10:34 am:1080p video, improved video stability, face detection — you can take photos while shooting video.

10:35 am: FaceTime camera is HD.

10:36 am:“Everything has been updated in iPhone 5, and that goes for the audio system as well.” Three microphones, bottom, front, and back.

10:37 am: “You know the iPhone from its start has used the iPod 30 pin connector.”

10:37 am: “But so much has changed since we launched it in 2003.”

10:38 am:“So a lot has changed, and it’s time for the connector to evolve. Our new connector is called Lightning. So we have Thunderbolt and Lightning.”

iPhone5 0357 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:36 am:“But what about the stuff you have now that uses the 30 pin connector? Well we’re working on accessories for that. Here’s an adaptor.”

iPhone5 0373 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:41 am:“Perhaps one of the most important features of the iPhone is the software it runs. And we have iOS 6. It’s been designed from the beginning to take advantage of the iPhone 5.”

10:41 am:“We’ve built a search engine in to find POIs — we have over 100m points of interest.”

10:42 am:Beautiful 3D turn-by-turn directions, use a cinematic camera angle to fly you around corners. Footprints of buildings are correct.

10:43 am:“You take two fingers and you can change the camera angle.” Seems to work just like Google Maps 3D view.

10:44 am:In Notification Center you can post a tweet or to Facebook.

10:45 am: “I can get back to any of my content from any of my browsers on the go, it’s called iCloud tabs.” *Cough* Google Chrome

10:46 am:Passbook is next. This is the way to collect all your passes in one place: movie tickets, airline boarding pass, coupon, store card with a balance, ticket for a concert, a ticket for a baseball game.

10:47 am:“Now I’d like to show you photo stream sharing. I can just select photos and then say share…”

10:48 am:“They’ve received a push notification with those photos on their phones. You can comment on photos, your friends can, and you can like that photo.”

10:49 am:“There’s one more thing I’d like to demo for you, and that’s great enhancements to Siri.”

iPhone5 0456 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

10:50am:“Siri has also learned a lot more about movies, so I can ask ‘can you recommend a good movie in theaters?”

10:50am:“And those are just a few of the new features in iOS 6. There’s some great enhancements to the phone app, including the ability to automatically send an SMS back when you can’t take a call.”

it looks identical to 4s and 4, just a little thinner and a bigger screen sets them a-part

10:51 am: “We take changing the iPhone really seriously. We don’t want to just make a new phone, we want to make a much better phone.”,

“iPhone 5 is the result of this approach. For the first time ever, we’ve increased the size of the display. You can see more of your content, but still comfortably use it with your hand.”

10:54 am:“We needed to manage space inside the phone carefully. We created a new connector.”

11:00 am: September 14th is when preorders start.

11:00 am:“If you have an iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, new iPad, iPad 2… upgrade for free to iOS 6.”

11:02 am:“Now in addition to announcing iPhone 5, we have something near and dear to our hearts to talk about today — and that is music.”

11:04 am:iPhone 4S price drops to $99, iPhone 4 now free; Apple discontinues the 3GS

11:06am: iOS 6 out 16thseptember

Going through iTunes 11

11:16am:“And we have the most loved family of music players there is. But we’re gonna make some changes.”

11:17 am:“Let’s start with the nano. We’ve had 6 generations of it. But we wanted to reinvent the nano — we thought, what elements do we want to add?”

iPhone5 0759 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

iPhone5 0781 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

11:20am:“One of the biggest requests we’ve had was for Bluetooth, so we’ve added it.”

11:22 am:“Next let’s talk about the iPod touch.”

11:22 am:“It’s the world’s most popular player, but also the most popular game device.”

11:23 am:“But I know you noticed the display. It’s the same display as the iPhone 5.”

11:23 am:“And we made it faster. We’re bringing the A5 chip to the new iPod touch.”

11:24 am: Dual Core processor, dual core graphics

iPhone5 0797 Apple announces the new iPhone   Live Updates

11:27 am: 40 hours of battery

11:28: A 5 megapixel camera, LED Flash

11:32 am: Comes in different colors, Woah

11:34 am: Even the leaked earphones are what we saw in the leaked images.

11:36 am: “I think music lovers will love these. We’re going to start shipping these as a standalone accessory. Available today.”

11:37 am: iPod shuffle, $49. iPod nano, $149. Keeping the 4th gen iPod touch, 16GB at $199. New iPod touch, 32GB, $299.

Well that pretty much sums up all the devices that we had our eyes set on.