Apple announces iPad 2, iTunes 10.2 and iOS 4.3

By | March 3rd, 2011

On March 2 event, Apple announced its next generation iPad named iPad-2. As with every Apple’s major release, iPad-2 is currently the best Tablet in market on basis of price, specs and software/applications. In a nutshell iPad-2 has Apple A-5 chip (1GHz dual core), 9x better graphics than iPad, two cameras both at front and back and is way thinner and lighter than previous iPad. The rest of the specs are same as of original iPad. See: Comparison between iPad and iPad-2.

ipad 2 Apple announces iPad 2, iTunes 10.2 and iOS 4.3

iPad 2 will be shipped with iOS 4.3, which is yet another thing announced at the event. A major update in iOS 4.3 is the Nitro Javscript engine that promises an increase to safari performance. Upon that the new OS offers overall boost in speed and an improved AirPlay. See the complete iOS 4.3 press release.

Pricing and Availability

iPad 2 Pricing Model Apple announces iPad 2, iTunes 10.2 and iOS 4.3

Apple beats all other ‘highly anticipated‘ tablets with iPad 2’s price; $499. It starts from $499 (WiFi, 16 GB model) up to $829 (WiFi+3G, 64 GB model). Upon that, you don’t have to wait months to get your hands on the device; Apple will start shipping iPad 2 from March 11, 2011. That’s in USA only, however the iPad 2 will be vailable in 26 more countries including Canada, France, Australia, UK and Japan by the end of March. Enjoy the iPad 2 Video by Engadget.

Note: The price of first generation iPad is cut down by $100.