Anti Theft Computer Softwares

By | October 9th, 2012

Laptop theft is getting quite common these days, you get distracted for a minute and then you realize that you have lost track of your device. There is not much you could do to change that fact, but you can be prepared if such a thing happens by using any of the following tools:


The EXO5 is the perfect corporate level solution. It provides premium protection for up to 25 devices with one license. When working for a corporation, the most important thing is your data ; it should never get into wrong hands, the EX05 makes sure of that and will kill the hard drive and lock all your information if reported stolen.

Further specifications include Remote kill, hard drive lock, geo location tracking, logs, data export and curfew. Install the package which is a standalone “.exe” and set the system up. When selecting an asset to track, you will be shown Google maps with the device you are searching triangulated in Wi-Fi tracking technology, it displays the IP addresses as well at which the device is currently running.

The software and hardware tabs will show what sort of changes have been made to the system, it is good for companies who want to keep a track on employees as well – to make sure that resources are being used in the right manner.

Price: $489 25 Computers, for three years

Link: EXO5


LoJack is a great software to assist you in your Laptop recovery in case of theft. Unlike EX05, LoJack is aimed at home users rather than corporate sector, that is evident because of its simple installation and easy to understand functions.

Once installed, you would be asked to register an account at LoJack, there you will be given a PIN which you could use to make your device unusable. LoJack also offers Geo location service but unlike every other tool, it does not rely on Google API but follows Esri. The lockdown isn’t quick and it will take around 20 minutes to make the device unusable.

Price: $89, 3 year license

Link: LoJack


Snuko is aimed at personal level security for almost all of your gadgets from your android phone to your mac. Snuko takes the security to the next level and offers geo location tracking which will tell give you the information about last known used IP’s, webcam support which will secretly take snapshots of unauthorized users and screen share, which will take screenshots of the user’s social media profiles to help you identify them.

Snuko is a pretty nifty tool and is available on wide range of devices. Essentially it boils down to how you intend to use the software. With its encryption, data backup and restore functionalities, it is surely the pick of the softwares.

Price: $30 per year

Link: Snuko


Prey offers Wi-Fi auto connect, GPS and Wifi geo locations, webcam screenshot capture, data removal and PC lockdown. The best part of Prey is that it is Open source, you can get the source code and make improvements if you feel the need.

First launch will require you to enter your details; prey sends you data and screenshots through email. You can control your device through an online account, which you will make at first time boot. The good news carries through, since the software is open source, you would be paying $0 for its use, that is right, it is free.

Price: Free

Link: Prey

So, that sums up the best laptop security software’s for your use. The first thing you are generally worried about is your data, and using any of the above software you can make sure it does not get into wrong hands.