Anonymous Web Browsing on cellphones

By | September 15th, 2009

android cellphone Anonymous Web Browsing on cellphones

Good news for those users whose cellphone is based on android, they can now surf the web with anonymity. The breakthrough is a result of a summer project by Connell Gauld from University of Cambridge. Just like surfing anonymous on a PCs, this also requires a proxy server and a web browser, unofotunately the built-in browser of Android doesn’t allow you to use the proxy client, so you need a new browser too.

Many Smartphones are capable of using all the features of Web 2.0 and social media. It’s like a mini-pc in hands. I’m sure this cool product will be viral in the market in a matter of days. The cellphone web users can now feel safe, wherever they are due to this application. One drawback of this technology is th effect on browsing speed as more and more people use the proxy.

Step by Step guide

  1. Install TorProxy. It is an Android application that’s helps you use internet connection anonymously.
  2. Install Shadow. It is a browser fro Android that is capable of using TorProxy and surf the web.
  3. Select the profile options for surfing the web. You can select between off, on-demand and always on depending on your requirements.
  4. Wait for a minute of so until the application notifies you that anonymity is enabled.
  5. Use shadow browser to surf the web which is similar to Android Web browser.

You can visit the link mentioned above for all the details on the project. The source code of the project is also available. Also visit to Tor website to know more about their services and network.

Image from MC.