5 Best chargers for your iPhone on the go

By | September 28th, 2012

Have you ever faced a situation where you had to take a long trip and your iPhones battery let you down? You could sacrifice minimizing the usage but you are not really a conservative type? Well there are solutions to that; you could use extended batteries, or external chargers to provide you with that extra boost to carry your phone the extra mile. Unfortunately there are many counterfeits in the market and choosing the right product can be hard. We will list a few options for you to extend your iPhones battery.

Mophie Juice pack plus

One of the best options is the mophie juice pack; it works as a protection case and extended battery. The juice pack snaps right on your iPhone 4 & 4s with adaptable versions for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod available as well. The juice pack will inturn give your phone twice the battery life to your iDevice.

The juice pack is full of features that were designed with protection and advance battery in mind. The pack includes a standby witch that lets you choose if you want to charge the device with juice pack or keep using phones battery, to top it off there are LED indicators at the bottom to show how much battery is left in the pack.

Price: $99

Link to Buy: Mophie

Compatibility: iPhone 4s, iPhone 4

Mophie Juice pack PowerStation

Mophie juice pack power station is an external battery that can staggeringly handle around 4x iPhone battery charges with its powerful 4000 mAh capacity. The battery is USB enabled, which means there is no device restriction as long as you have a connector to your device. The mophie juice pack power station even comes with lightning port connector for your iPhone 5.

The new juice pack powerstation charger features a black soft-touch or a red one if you would prefer, outer metal band and LED lights to indicate amount of power left in it.

Price: $79

Link to Buy: Mophie Juice pack PowerStation

Compatibility: No limited – open to almost all devices

Sinoele iPhone PowerStation

iPhone power station is a portable power house for iPhone, iPod, iPad and devices that use old Apple dock connector. The portable extended battery packs in 850mAh lithium-ion polymer battery that keeps your iPhone going even if its own battery runs out, it is great for short trips, hikes or times you don’t have access to AC charger.

The external battery is extremely portable and could come in handy at time of need, let’s just hope that an iPhone 5 compatible version makes it as well.

Price: $10

Link to Buy: Sinoele Power Station

Compatibility: Apple products with old Apple Dock connector

PowerSkin Protective Case with battery

PowerSkin offers the same functionality as the mophie juice pack which is protection and the extra battery life. It keeps all the ports clear and adds very little extra weight (unlike competition) while giving your iPhone 4 and 4s twice the battery time. You could choose to charge the phone with power skin with a push of a button and at the same time sync it with iTunes.

A 2000 mAh battery powers it which is rechargeable and like mophie case LED indicators let you know if there is any charge left in them.

Price: $50

Link to Buy: PowerSkin

Compatibility: iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

Anker Astro

Last but not least the Anker astro, it is a portable charger that you can carry around which boasts a punch of power at 5600mAh. You can charge your iDevices and almost all android devices with it because it uses USB connectivity.

It is only a matter of opinion if you want a case infused extended battery or the external portable ones, everyone has a preference – but the storage capacity on astro makes it worth each penny.

Price: $30

Link to Buy: Anker Astro

Compatibility: Wide range of devices

So, here are your obvious choices, while mophie might be on the expensive side it provides better visuals and larger battery capacities but you will be restricted to use it with one device only, however- if you don’t mind carrying an extra gadget then Anker astro packs the most juice.