10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

By | November 14th, 2009

Here’s another awesome treat for our readers and visitors. I’ve compiled a list of 10 Gadgets that every geeks needs to have and all the gadgets are under $10. Moreover we have a special coupon for you that will give you 5% discount at checkout. Please use this coupon at checkout: JM5OFF23. The first Gadgets is for laptop/netbook users, if you are a fan of the TV series named The Big Bang Theory. you’d love this gadget and really want to have one for you.

1. USB Flexible Snake Reading Light Lamp

This gadget completes you laptop. It’s a snake-like micro light that will illuminate you keyboard in dark. If you use your laptop at night you must be familiar with the problem of typing in dark. The screen light is not enough to help you see the digits and letters on the keyboard. This gadget is a savior for you and adds extra style to your laptop.

tbbt laptop light 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

netbook light 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks snake light 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

The gadget is slim, smart and has negligible weight but turns out to be very useful at times when there is less light outside. The light is available in black and silver colors and takes the power from USB port of laptop. Trust me you’ll never find such a deal from elsewhere.

Price: $2.65 [BUY]

2. Sharp Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

If you’re out for a trip or adventure, you need a sharp, small and folding knife with you, because you never know when you need something to cut. The knife I selected for you looks cool and geeky.

folding knife 300x300 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks pocket knife 300x300 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

There are plenty of other knifes available at the website. When you click buy link you can see others too and buy according to your need. But I think this one will serve for most uses. The only thing you need is a folding, portable and sharp knife and that you’re getting in just under $8.

Price: $7.68 [BUY]

3. Smallest Flash Drive by SuperTalent

Super Talent is famous for making thumb drives that adds style to your professional life. The Pico and Pico Mini series flash drives are among the smallest flash drives ever built without compromising data rate. The shock and water resistant, Pico C flash drive, supports a full 30MB/s transfer rate.

Super Talent Pico C 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

Supertalent vs coin 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

The flash drive is extremely small, feather light, supports USB 2.0 and comes in a capacity ranging from 2GB to 32GB. We recommend buying a 4GB model, although it’s little over $10. Buy this flash drive at Memory Card Zoo.

4. Mini Adjustable Portable Microscope (45X Zoom)

mini microscope 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

You must be thinking that whether you need it or not. Hang on, let me tell you its price and then you won’t even think. It’s cool, it’s for geeks and it’s cheap

Price: $5.63 [BUY]

5. All in One USB 2.0 Card Reader

usb card reader 300x300 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks card reader 300x300 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks


  • Compatible with USB2.0 standard
  • 4 slots multifunction flash reader
  • Supports all kinds of flash cards in the market
  • Plug and Play and hot swapping
  • 5 indicators for easy recognition
  • USB BUS-powered, no external power supply required
  • Supports Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Price: $5.17 [BUY]

6. Stainless Steel Big Cigar Cutter Knife

cigar cutter 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

Even if you’re not a smoker, this will go nice with your other collectibles.

Price: $5.23 [BUY]

7. USB Soccer Coffee-Cup Warmer

coffee warmer 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

Finally, we have something for Soccer lovers too. This gadget can warm your coffee or any drink while you sit in front of your PC.

Price: $5.43  [BUY]

8. Mini Portable USB Cooler Fan

mini fan 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

This fan can cool your face and PC in summer. It can also be used where you need to generate a little wind. It’s a handy gadget.

Price: $10 [BUY]

9. Leather Pouch & Crystal Case for PSP

PSP case 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

For PSP owner, you’ll get a pouch as well as a case under just $10.

Price: $10 [BUY] – Hey don’t forget to use that coupon code

10. 5 LED Keychain Flashlight

keychain light 10 under $10 gadgets for geeks

LED flash lights are common these days. This one is a 5-LED miniature flash light that can also serve as key chain.

Price: $2.12 [BUY]

I hope you like these products and the price. Use the coupon: JM5OFF23 as a treat from me that will give you a 5% discount on total at checkout. I like to thanks BudgetGadgets for providing useful gadgets at such low prices.