Microsoft Goes Open Source – at least with Windows Phone 7

By | April 1st, 2010

Microsoft has finally recognized the value of working with others and announced that the Windows Phone 7 will be an open source operating system. The announcement came today at Redmond that developers will be able to create their own programs once WP7 gets released in late October.

microsoft opensource Microsoft Goes Open Source – at least with Windows Phone 7

We all know that up till now Microsoft has kept the core development within themselves. But now things have changes, Microsoft knows it well that going open source with WP7 will do some damage to increasingly famous iPhone.

With so many social networks now having such a grip on the mobile community it only makes sense that we allow third party developers free range over our newest mobile platform. The Zune HD was an experiment to see how future endeavors would increase the profitability of Microsoft’s mobile market. Games, application, and utilities already in the works for the Zune HD will be completely portable to the Windows Phone 7 Series line of products.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Furthermore Microsoft has stated that developers may start modeling their application as soon as the free emulator gets released. However the actual open source DRM will be available a couple of months before the release of first WP7 series device. [via PocketNow]