EVE Online – What is an API Code?

By | April 27th, 2011

Players who are new to EVE online may have heard these phrases being thrown about, “Can we have your API code” and “Just enter your API code”. Well don’t worry if you have no idea what they are talking about because you have come to the right place. First off an API (application programing interface) key is a code that is generated by a website or online program that allows users of that website/program to access their own details and information that the website holds.

So in EVE terms, your API key holds such things as you recent market transactions, skills and corporation information to name a few. Corporations may ask for your API key when you join or apply so that they can check to see if your skills are up to scratch or to do a background check on your character and see whether or not you are wanted throughout the universe. Remember that giving someone your API key does not let them access your account and take control over it.


Scenario 1: Corporation Leader – “Hi, thanks for applying to the corporation. Would it be okay if I could have your API key so that I can check if you meet up to our player specifications?”

In this case it would generally be considered safe to give a player your API key. Just check to see how many people are in the corporation and if it is a respected one.

Scenario 2: Random Player in Local Chat – “Hey! Could I have your API key?”

In this case it would be regarded unsafe to give this player your API key because he has not told you what he wants to do with it. If you did give him API key he could follow your market transactions and track your buying habits making him an unwanted pain. Remember to always check the legality of the site/player you are giving your information to and remember to NEVER give out your password. Other programs like EVEMon require your API key so that it can show you your skill training.

If you have given your API key out to someone and now you regret giving it to them you can easily create a new one by logging in on EVE Online website at eveonline.

Fly Safe!