Ace of Spades – The Minecraft FPS

By | April 18th, 2011

The new FPS Team Death-match game, Ace of Spades, has a lot of the characteristics of Minecraft. Players must build their own defenses, dig bunkers and in order to stay alive. The objective of the game is to steal the other team’s intelligence and take it back to their base (just like capture the flag). Games include teams of 16 players meaning that it can get really intense.


The game takes the setting of Minecraft and throws a World War 1 landscape over it. The game combines FPS aspects like different weapons to choose from; another team to outwit and destroy with the aspects of a sandbox game like Minecraft – building defenses like tunnels and bunkers etc. Players also carry a spade which makes the games title, Ace of Spades, a nice little pun.

The game is completely free and available for download on PC only. If you want to try it out please visit Ace of Spades. Source: MinecraftForum

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