Paper Keyboard

By | January 22nd, 2009

Innovation is always accepted warmly in technology world especially when it comes with style. One such innovation was Paper Keyboards. However people are quiet reluctant in adopting this innovation, so we’ve decided to search on its merits and demerits to hunt the reality.

paper keyboard2 Paper Keyboard


1) If you have a gaming laptop then this keyboard is best for you. As gaming experience is lessened with laptop keyboard, people use external keyboard iwth laptop. Just squeeze it into your laptop bag and take it anywhere!

2) Add a style to your Desktop

3) Spill proof, Water proof, Shock proof, Durable, Washable

4) No noise while typing, so type even if your rommate is sleeping

5) Price is same as of normal rigid keyboard


1) Lack of features

2) No built-in stand to change the angle.

However improements come quickly, so may be these problems are long gone when you go and buy this keyboard. there aren’t any other problem with paper kayboard, so it’s perfectly safe to buy one


paper keyboard1 Paper Keyboardusb flexible keyboard Paper Keyboard

081506airtouch2 Paper Keyboardflexible keyboard Paper Keyboard