Latest Stats Compare iOS, Android and Linux Users

By | September 3rd, 2010

The latest stats from Net Applications compare the user base of iOS, Android and Linux users browsing the internet. Apparently, the iOS users have now surpassed the Linux users making iOS the third most popular operating system in the world after Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

netapps Latest Stats Compare iOS, Android and Linux Users

The stats reveal that the users on iOS based devices have seen a sharp increase in the previous months, making the iOS users more than the users of Linux and Android combined. The graphs also reveal that the number of users have seen a hike after the release of Apple iPhone 4 and iPad from Apple which have made browsing even easier on mobile platforms. In August 2010, iOS had a 1.13% share, Linux had 0.85% while Android stood at a bare 0.20%. However these numbers does not reflect the number of devices sold with these operating systems but the users that are browsing the web.

According to the Net Application’s Vice President:

“It’s something to take note of when a mobile operating system passes something that’s been around forever. Mobile’s growth curve is strong and mobile is becoming quite a phenomenon on the Internet”

One can combine the iOS and Mac OSX, and Linux and Android in a single category as they use similar kernels. However technology giant Microsoft is no where to be seen. Let’s see if the Windows Phone 7 manages to capture the iOS realm.