Firefox 3.0.13 – The most stable version

By | September 4th, 2009

Firefox is experiencing some serious crashes, hangs and slow browsing problems. Many of my friends switched to chrome after these problems increased during last month. However, all those user who experience the problems have two things in common:

1. They installed the Firefox upgrades
2. They have a lot of add-ons on their Firefox

I myself experience the same problem, however I recall that when I was using the older Firefox, everything was running fine and stable. It has something to do with upgrades, of course, I cannot let go using precious add-ons like StumbleUpon toolbar, Seo toolbar, Alexa toolbar and Compete toolbar for Firefox. Now I have restored the previous version that is Firefox 3.0.13 and it’s running fine.

I’m sure many of you have suffered from Firefox problems which are very irritating and sometimes you lose your precious work. I suggest move back to 3.0.13 version. First remove the current version of Firefox from control panel, then download Firefox 3.0.13 and install.